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Lake malawi adult size. Female will mouth brood for 14 to 20 days.

Pseudotropheus Mpanga Cichlid Fish African Cichlids Cichlid

At one inch a female will start to brood but the number of fry will be low.

Male female demasoni fish. They are miniature versions of their mother and very cute. M outhbrooder that needs to be in numbers of 12 or more. Demasoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni aquarium fish paradise.

Pseudotropheus demasoni pombo rocks first encounter with my new female fish. Pseudotropheus demasoni pombo rocks first encounter with my new female fish. It comes from lake malawi and is a more recent addition to the aquarium hobby.

Demsoni cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is a species that is found only in lake malawi of africa these fish have unique alternating dark almost black and light blue sometimes white stripes on their bodies. I d like to stock them exclusively but i know that there should only be 1 or 2 males with the rest obviously being female. Pseudotropheus demasoni place of origin.

It was first described and brought into the hobby in 1994 by ad konings and was named after his good friend laif demason. 2 3 temperament. Aggressive especially towards other males of the same species.

As stated before the demasoni cichlid is an omnivore and can consume most food products. Male or female jewel cichlid fish snail worm and pest id help. Once the dominant male decides to breed he will become severely aggressive and pummel to death any other male in the tank if the tank is too small or if there is a lack of hiding places for the other fish.

Trio 1 male 2 female 15 25 zebra obliquiden cichlids ebay. A female lays eggs a male fertilizes the eggs and the female picks up the eggs in her mouth. Males may fight with other male demasoni cichlids and will defend their turf from any would be trespassers.

So i d like to know how to determine the sex. Kenyi cichlid maylandia lombardoi. Since there isn t much difference between the males and the females differentiation or gender identification becomes very difficult.

This species is a relatively new addition to aquariums being introduced in 1994. Temperament behavior. However this fish likes to live in groups so it should usually be kept with 12 other fish of the same kind.

She ll brood them for about 3 weeks then release them in the aquarium. As a result you will need to get a much larger tank than a 40 gallon one. Free swimming fry should be removed to their own tank for grow out and fed enriched brine shrimp daphnia etc.

The demanson s cichlid pseudotropheus demasoni is an extremely sharp looking african cichlid. Soon i will be giving away everything but my demasoni. These fish may be small but make up for it with their striking coloring and what one could call spunk.

A singular fish will require at least a 40 gallon tank. Determing your cichlids gender. I currently have 6 demasoni in my 56 gallon column along with other types of cichlids.

Demasoni and all mbunas are mouthbrooders.

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