Parosphromenus Deissneri

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Deissneri grows only up to 3 4 cm and lives up to 10 years. Additional names licorice gourami additional scientific names osphromenus deissneri.

Licorice Gouramis Of The Genus Parosphromenus Live In Stained

Parosphromenus deissner nebo parosphromenus deissneri bleekeg 1859 podrobný popis fotografie video vlastnosti chovu a chovu v domácím akváriu.

Parosphromenus deissneri. It can be characterized with the branching of the caudal fin rays in the male specimen. Ichthy olog i cal explo ration of fresh wa ters 8. Kot te lat ng 1998.

It has brilliant blue fins and dark brown and cream colored horizontal body striping which make it a very beautiful fish. Redis cov ery of the sap phire from bangka. Origin edit edit source the genus parosphromenus is found on several islands in southeastern asia and are always found in extremely acidic peat swamps or the remnants of such swamps.

Parosphromenus bin tan a new osphrone mid fish from bin tan and bangka islands indone sia with redescrip tion of p. Parosphromenus deissneri under wa ter jew els threa thened by for est fires by shoal direc tor michael baltzer the labyrinth 194 sept. The dorsal and anal fins each have long bases.

Parosphromenus bintan a new osphronemid fish from bintan and bangka islands indonesia with redescription of p. The deissner s licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri is a brilliantly colored very small labyrinth fish that is native to blackwater swamps and ditches in bangka indonesia. Until the pub li ca tion of this new descrip tion the first descrip tion was valid.

374 397 molecular phylogenetics and evolutionary diversification of labyrinth fishes perciformes. This species was formally described by the dutch ichthyologist pieter bleeker as. The original type locality of p.

Osphromenus deissneri physical description. Deissneri is baturussak and there is a river named the baturussa which drains bangka s eastern coast from which fresh parosphromenus material had been obtained therefore the authors concluded that eastern populations were most likely to represent bleeker s p. Bleeker negende bij drage tot.

The body is dark brown with two yellowish lateral stripes running from the the snout to the caudal fin. The species is extremely under threat in the wild. Zardoya 2006 systematic biology 55 3.

The licorice gourami parosphromenus deissneri is a species of freshwater ray finned fish from the subfamily macropodusinae part of the family osphronemidae the gouramis it is endemic to bangka in indonesia where it is found in the slow flowing streams with black waters associated with peat swamp forests. An elongated moderately compressed species with a colorful fan shaped caudal fin. In the present parosphromenus deissneri s natural habitat is mostly destroyed and they exist only in limited small places.

Occasionally these stripes are.

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Parosphromenus Deissneri

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